Bringing the World of Metal Detecting Together

July 2017

Sponsor NEWS!
The Detectival Team is pleased to announce the title Sponsor for this event is Minelab who are donating a range of prizes to our charity raffle, as well as loads of prizes for competitions and the event token hunt!

We also have a large range of event sponsors and traders that have all kindly donated to our charity raffle and token hunt. Please check out our event traders page for more information -

So far we have over 20 detectors to give away, plus loads of accessories and other great prizes. A breakdown of these prizes will be announced nearer to the event.
This year we are raising money for Asthma UK and The Lullaby Trust.

Our chosen charities

This year we have chosen these two charities and here's why...

Asthma UK 

In 2014 my Daughter had a severe asthma attack which very nearly took her life, she stopped breathing and spent several weeks on a life support machine. It took something as serious as this to make not only my daughter but all of us far more aware of the dangers and risks associated with being a sufferer of asthma.

It is for this reason we have decided to this year support Asthma UK as one of our charities, as we would very much like to see more education and awareness surrounding asthma, more research, more information, and to provide support to those who suffer from asthma and their families. With hope that one day a cure will be found. See below for more information about Asthma UK:

The Lullaby Trust

We have decided to also give help and support to the Lullaby Trust as part of our close family have in the past had to deal with the loss of a baby due to S.I.D.S. The Lullaby Trust provides specialist support for bereaved families and anyone affected by a sudden infant death.

We want to raise as much as possible so the trust can continue to provide as much help and support to parents and families.

To find out more about the Lullaby Trust and their work please click below:

The Rally Site Update

Well its looking like a early harvest on some of the Detectival fields, which is very good news. Currently the crops are almost there and it's probably a matter of days rather than weeks before the combines hit the site and get started.

We have taken out location information for the time being, but listed on our website are some of the most interesting and significant sites within the vicinity of this years Detectival search fields.

(The photo above is the previous 2016 event site, and is for display purpose only).

Please click here to refer to our June Newsletter for this info.

Entertainment Line-up

The evening entertainment line-up is now confirmed as:

Thursday Night - DJ Stuart ‘The Journey’ Jones’ Disco Bash, with a range of great music spanning the music ages.

Friday Night - Department S and The Rokkits

Saturday Night – The New Honeycombs and The Late Day Breakers

Sunday Night - DJ Stuart ‘The Journey’ Jones’ Chillout sessions, with a range of great music.

Re-Enactments Groups
We also have a range of ancient techniques and battle scenes from 


The Ancient Wessex Network!

Event & Social
The Travelling Pub Company will be providing the licenced bar. as well as
Apollo 70 supplying some fabulous cocktails too!
Try your hand at our ‘surprise addition’ to this event, sponsored by
The Travelling Pub Company, with the chance to win some cash prizes,
Minelab accessories and bubbly!
More to be announced nearer to the event!


Detectival will be running some competitions on the run up to the event so check out our Facebook and social media pages regularly to enter these and win some event tickets and other great prizes.