Bringing the World of Metal Detecting Together

September 2017

The Detectival Rally is almost upon us!

Below is important information about the event for your consideration.

Arrival Times

3-day attendees - The earliest arrival time is 2.00pm on Thursday 14th Sept. You are able to attend the Check-In Tent and collect your wristbands Thursday from 2.00pm to 8.00pm. After this time you will have to the collect wristbands the next day from the Check-In Tent but you can still get access to the site by showing any security or marshals on the gate your ticket/s and some photo ID.

On Friday the Check-In tent opens at 7.00am. The detecting start time on Friday is 9.00am. If you are detecting the entire weekend but your accommodation is off site you are welcome to Check-In on the Thursday to get your wristbands and avoid the Friday morning rush/queues.

2-day attendees - The earliest arrival time is 4pm on Friday 15th Sept. If you arrive before this time the gate staff will not let you in! Please do not block the gate but return after 4.00pm. Check-In for 2-day attendees is 4.00pm to 7.00pm on Friday afternoon. After this time you will have to the collect wristbands the next day from the Check-In Tent but you can still get access to the site by showing any security or marshals on the gate your ticket/s and some photo ID.

The detecting start time for 2-day attendees on Saturday is 9.00am

All attendees must be packed up and off site by 11.00am on the Monday 18th Sept.

Night Arrivals
The check-in tent will not be open during the night so you will need to book in the following morning. The site gates close at 11.00pm but will be opened by security to let in late arrivals during the night who have pre-arranged this with us. (If you haven't but need to please reply to this email). If attendees arrive during the night after midnight they will need to sleep in their cars in the car-park and check-in at the site check-in tent the following morning, before they can enter the camping area. The check-in tent opens at 7.00am. We have a 'no noise' policy in the camping area during the hours of midnight to 5.30am which means no putting up tents or any other significant noise making during these times. (This is to ensure other attendees are not disturbed during the night while they are sleeping).

Access to the site
Only ticket holders and their guests will be allowed access to the site. To gain entry you must show your prepaid ticket or your wristband to security at the gate. Once you have driven in the marshals will direct you to the 'Day Parking' car park. Once parked you will need to go to the Check-In Tent with your tickets to be scanned.

IMPORTANT - All attendees and guests must go to the Check-In Tent to have their wristbands put on by the Checking-In staff.

You will not be able to take a wristband to put onto the other members of your party so please make sure you ALL go to the Check-In Tent. If you don't you will be sent away to get the other members of your party and you will have to queue again. Your wristband must remain on for the duration of the event, replacements will NOT be given for lost wristbands.

To make your Check-In experience as quick as possible please have your tickets and attendees ready when Checking-In. We cannot accept any responsibility for long queues and delays.

Please bring your tickets with you and all other necessary paperwork, we will not accept payment on the gate so if you do not have a ticket please do not travel to the rally, security will not let you in.
No printed ticket - no entry.
(Pre-booked groups/ metal detecting clubs travelling together - we already have your paperwork and your organisers will have your necessary entrance information  - please give your group name to security on the gate to gain entry).

Detecting Times
Detecting is available Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9.00am till 6.00pm.
(No detecting Thursday or Monday, and no detecting during the night.
Anyone breaking this simple rule will be banned from Detectival immediately).

Camping and vehicles
Camping is in a field and is very basic, there are no luxuries, if possible bring your own drinking water, bottled water will be on sale during the weekend.

Arrival for 3-day campers and those staying on site will be 2.00pm Thursday 14th September no arrivals after 11.00pm. Arrival for 2-day attendees camping will be after 4.00pm Friday 15th September.
All campers need to be off site by 11:00am Monday 18th September.

A pasture field has been set aside for camping and caravans / campers etc, if you are camping please bring along a blow up mattress or camp-bed as the ground is stony and uneven in places.

Please arrive at the camping together if you want your camping pitches to be together. Marshals will not be leaving gaps when directing you and your vehicle to your camping pitch.

Due to limited space only 1 car is able to go with the camp pitch. This is likely to be the car with the tent in. All other cars can be parked in the 'Day Parking' car park, which is a short walk from the camping area.

Once you have parked your vehicle in the camping area, it must stay
there until you are leaving the rally, unless you have special permission. We do not want vehicles driving around the camp site.

If you do wish to see the local area, please park your car in the 'Day car parking area' while at the rally.


Security / Safety / Conduct
Physical / Verbal abuse towards staff, volunteers and attendees will not be tolerated. Security will act if necessary, will contact the authorities when required and this may result in prosecution.
We have over 50 security and stewards at the rally so please drink sensibly and respect others.

Like last year the police will be coming to our event over the weekend to advise attendees and traders on crime prevention and how best to protect your property/valuables using marking and tagging techniques.
They will also be liaising with security about the behaviour of attendees, please help us to promote our hobby in a positive way.

Management is not responsible for damage or theft to vehicles or vehicle contents. This is a big event and thefts may operate in the area, take extra care and look after your belongings. 
Keep your passports and money safe!
Please be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour to security or a marshal.

First Aid
There is a first aid area in the FLO tent for minor injuries and illnesses.
In the event of any emergency please call 999 immediately.

Event Location 
The nearest postcode to the site will be released the week before the event.
Directional signs will be up from this postcode to help you find the location.

Terms and Conditions
By purchasing your ticket/s and attending the event/detecting at the event you have confirmed that you, and all your attendees, have read and understood the terms and conditions and will abide by them in their entirety. Anyone not abiding by the terms and conditions will be told to leave the site immediately, there will be no refund of tickets or third party costs.

Children must be with an adult at all times, the management cannot accept liability for injury or be responsible for their safety. Farms and fields are full of hidden dangers such as slurry pits, barbed wire, livestock and moving vehicles etc.

Dogs are allowed on site as long as they are all well behaved, mess is cleared up and put in the bins, dogs are kept away from game birds, bird cover, pens, sheep fields etc.
Any problems with dogs on site both animals and owners will be told to leave.

Smoking is not permitted in any of the marquees or trade stands in the main arena.
It is illegal to smoke in any temporary structures such as a marquee / gazebo, tent or indeed any enclosed or substantially enclosed structure, regardless of how long it will be in place.

Wet weather 
The UK weather is very unpredictable….Please ensure the towing eye for your vehicle is placed under the passenger seat of your vehicle, you may need to be towed in or out of the parking area. If your towing eye is not ready others will be towed before you. Please bring a tow rope and a 4 x 4 if you own one.
Please bring suitable clothing for all weather conditions.

Digging tools for overseas visitors
In the UK we use spades to dig targets, we do not recommend you bring picks as it disturbs the ground to much. We are very strict about soil disturbance and hole filling in the UK so please abide by our rules.

Everyone who intends to metal detect must use headphones (unless you wear hearing aids). If you do not wear headphones and you do not use hearing aids, you will not be allowed to dig.

Trash / finds pouches
Everyone who detects must have suitable pockets or pouches big enough to carry rubbish to the designated areas. Leaving rubbish on the surface will get you dismissed from the rally and sent home, so please don’t spoil your weekend over a silly mistake. There will be scrap buckets available around the site.

Property identification
Please make a note of your machine serial number(s) and bring the information to the rally, also put some unique identification on your machine, if there is a problem you may need to identify your machine or property.

Power / Charging your Metal Detector
Bring spare batteries, power packs, and/or a portable charger for your detector if you have it, including charging leads and coil clip etc. Some of the traders may have charging facilities but this is not guaranteed. Any detectors or property left charging is at the owner's own risk.

If you are visiting from overseas and staying in a hotel remember to bring a UK plug adapter to charge your machine.

Trade stands and caterers
Bring cash with you to purchase supplies, food and drink - credit cards may not be accepted at some stands.

If you are camping bring drinking water, bottled water will be on sale, there are no fresh water drinking taps on site. Bring a quiet generator if you require power, no generators or music after midnight.

We look forward to seeing you at Detectival 2017.

The Detectival Team