Bringing the World of Metal Detecting Together

August Pt1 2018

Sponsor NEWS!
The Detectival Team is pleased to announce the title Sponsor for this event is Nokta / Makro who are donating a range of prizes to our charity raffle, as well as loads of prizes for competitions and the event token hunt!

We also have a large range of event sponsors and traders that have all kindly donated to our charity raffle and token hunt. Please check out our event traders page for more information -
We have over 50 detectors to give away, plus loads of accessories and other great prizes. A breakdown of these prizes will be announced nearer to the event.
This year we are raising money for Helen & Douglas House and Thomley.

At the 2017 event we raised a fantastic £11,450 for the charities! This was split between the 2 charities we were supporting, Asthma UK and The Lullaby Trust. 

In 2018 we will be supporting another 2 charities; Helen & Douglas House and Thomley. 

These charities were chosen from the large amount of suggestions we received from our members and social media followers, online and by email. We chose these two as they were mentioned several times and are charities that will benefit greatly from any funds received.

Helen & Douglas House

Helen & Douglas House helps families cope with the challenges of looking after a terminally ill baby or child who will die prematurely. It is a special place that feels like home from home, where families can make the most of their time together and create happy memories during their children’s short lives. When a child dies, we are there to support the whole family at this really tragic time.     


Thomley is a place to play, have fun, socialise and learn to live. We welcome disabled people of all ages from babies to adults, and their families, carers or friends. We support people at any stage of their diagnostic journey, whatever their additional needs.

Thomley offers regular days for disabled and non-disabled visitors. We also open for preschool children, adults, schools, respite groups and the wider community when any family can join us to enjoy our facilities.


The Rally Site Update

Time is ticking away and with only 4 weeks now until Detectival 2018 its time for a site update and to start getting excited.

Thanks to a very very early harvest this year we now have over 80% of our search fields for Detectival 2018 harvested, cultivated and rolled flat ready for us to search. The other 20% of fields are either still with a standing crop or are now stubble, and should be ready shortly for our event.

The long range weather for the weekend currently looks positive with dry weather forecast and temperatures around the low to mid 20’s.

Here's hoping we have a bit more rain over the coming weeks to soften up our search fields and improve signals.

We have taken out location information for the time being, but listed on our website in our July newsletter are some of the most interesting and significant sites within the vicinity of this years Detectival search fields:

Just so you know what to expect from the area finds wise please see the links below for some of the finds made and recorded on our two previous events in and around the area.

Link to finds from 2017 Detectival:

Link to finds from 2016 XP Summer Rally:

(The photo above is the previous 2016 event site, and is for display purpose only).

Entertainment Line-up

The evening entertainment line-up is now confirmed as:
Friday Night - King Paul and The Zeronoughts
DJ City Nights Disco, with a range of great music spanning the music ages.
Saturday Night – The New Honeycombs and The Late Day Breakers
DJ City Nights Disco after.
Sunday Night - DJ City Nights Chillout sessions, with a range of great music.

Re-Enactments Groups
We also have a range of ancient techniques and battle scenes from 


The Ancient Wessex Network!

Event & Social
The Travelling Pub Company will be providing the licenced bar.

Try your hand at our Rodeo Bull, sponsored by
The Travelling Pub Company, with the chance to win some
Nokta/Makro detectors, accessories and bubbly!

More competitions to be announced nearer to the event!


Detectival will be running some competitions on the run up to the event so check out our Facebook and social media pages regularly to enter these and win some event tickets and other great prizes.