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In 2018 we were supporting 2 charities; Helen & Douglas House and Thomley. 

We are pleased to announce that we have raised a massive £13,736 to be split between our 2 charities. Thank you to all the wonderful sponsors for their donations and to the dedicated attendees who purchased so many raffle tickets, and the additional money raised through the rodeo bull.

Helen & Douglas House helps families cope with the challenges of looking after a terminally ill baby, child or young adult who will die prematurely.

It is a special place that feels like home from home, where families can make the most of their time together and create happy memories during their children’s short lives. When a child dies, we are there to support the whole family at this really tragic time.     


Thomley is a place to play, have fun, socialise and learn to live. We welcome disabled people of all ages from babies to adults, and their families, carers or friends. We support people at any stage of their diagnostic journey, whatever their additional needs.

Thomley offers regular days for disabled and non-disabled visitors. We also open for preschool children, adults, schools, respite groups and the wider community when any family can join us to enjoy our facilities.