As usual we are hoping to have a finds recording team at the event. Please record your finds with the finds recording team and FLOs on site in the finds recording marquee.

International detectorists and Export Licences

Any objects found on a dig by an attendee from outside of the UK that are of certain cultural definitions, so more than 50 years of age and valued above specified financial thresholds, must be declared to the Portable Antiquities Scheme Finds Liaison Office (FLO) and the object/s will require an individual licence for export out of the UK whether on a permanent or temporary basis. These licences are available from the arts council. More information is available on the links in our Terms and Conditions.

The organisers accept no responsibility whatsoever for finds which are not properly and legally declared, and any person attending an event who acts outside of the legal requirements will not be permitted to attend any future events and may be reported to the local authorities.