If I am camping can I bring a caravan or camper van?2022-02-15T16:22:17+00:00

Yes the camping price covers whatever you choose to sleep in. The camping is per person so please make sure you select a guest if you are bringing one and they are camping with you.

Can I enter the site without purchasing a ticket to have look around the trade stalls?2022-02-15T16:22:51+00:00

Unfortunately we are not able to offer this to people wishing to visit trade stalls. This is due to the difficultly in being able to manage attendees entering and leaving the site. Part of the ticket price also covers the facilities to be able to arrange the trade show.

Can I purchase a one-day ticket, I can only see two-day tickets on the ticket website?2022-02-15T16:23:27+00:00

Unfortunately we are not able to sell single day tickets. This is due to the difficultly in being able to manage attendees entering and leaving the site when required.

I forgot to book camping, can I pay for this at the event?2022-03-23T22:24:20+00:00

If there is still camping pitches available and you require one please email info@detectival.com to add camping to your existing booking.

Why haven’t I received my tickets?2022-02-15T16:24:30+00:00

They may have arrived in your junk folder. If they are not there, please email us – info@detectival.com

What time do we have to leave site?2022-03-23T22:24:51+00:00

The latest you can leave site is 11am on Monday 12th September 2022.

What time can I arrive on site?2022-03-23T22:25:12+00:00

The earliest time you can arrive is 2pm on Friday 9th September 2022.

What dates is the event running?2022-03-23T22:25:26+00:00

Arrival is after 2pm Friday 9th September. Detecting days are Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th September 2022.

Where is September Detectival being held?2022-03-23T22:25:59+00:00

The event is being held near Weston Colville on the Cambridgeshire / Suffolk border.

Can I sleep in my car?2022-02-15T16:27:35+00:00

Yes you can, you still need to pay for camping as you are staying on site.

Can I bring a non-detecting guest?2022-02-15T16:28:04+00:00

Yes, you can add a non-detecting guest when you book your ticket. Non-detecting guests cost £6 (inc. VAT). If camping on site, the guest camping cost of an adult (£21 inc. VAT) will be added when you book your detecting ticket and add your non-detecting guest.

Can my child detect?2022-03-26T22:08:50+00:00

Yes children under 16 can detect and are free to attend with a full paying adult (this excludes camping cost which is £10.50 per child).

Can I bring my dog?2022-02-15T16:29:05+00:00

Yes you are allowed to bring your dog. As per the estates request – dogs must be well-behaved and dogs must be kept on a lead. Any dog mess must be picked up and placed into a bin on site. Do not put dog poo bags down the portable toilets as they block them. If there are any livestock / horses in any of the fields dogs MUST NOT be taken into those fields. Any dogs breaking these rules will be asked to leave along with the owner.

Why is VAT added?2022-02-15T16:30:01+00:00

VAT is value-added tax. When a company is VAT registered, this tax is added onto a product.

Do I need to camp on site for all 3 nights?2022-02-15T16:30:33+00:00

No you can stay for as many nights as you wish, the camping price is a fixed-rate for the entire event regardless of how many nights you stay on site.

What does camping cost?2022-02-15T16:31:03+00:00

Camping is £17.50 per adult (inc. VAT is £21) and is £8.75 per child (inc. VAT is £10.50).

Camping is for 3 nights – Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. The camping price is a fixed-rate, regardless of how many nights you camp on site.

What does a ticket cost?2022-02-15T16:31:32+00:00

A full 2 day detecting ticket per person is £65 (inc. VAT is £78) plus a £3 non-refundable booking fee.


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